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Storytime Magazine is perfect for children aged:

* 4 to 6 years when reading with an adult or older child

* 7 to 9 years reading independently 

* even older for children learning English as an Additional Language 

Try Storytime Australia for yourself!

Give a year of stories to someone special!

Storytime is a leading kids magazine – packed with fairy tales, new and classic stories, awesome animals, inspirational children, myths, legends, gorgeous illustrations, puzzles, games and much, much more!

There are no adverts, no plastic toys, and each issue arrives in a special envelope, so children have the excitement of receiving their own post!

Join the thousands of schools around the world already using Storytime!

Storytime gives children brilliant stories in a fun magazine format. Something that works for reluctant readers who won’t pick up a book, and appeals to children who do read books for enjoyment.

Storytime is used by thousands of schools around the world for class reading for EAL children and for class storytelling.

If you represent a school, love stories, and care about reading for pleasure, then Storytime is right for you.

Storytime magazine brings classic tales to children every month, it's the perfect way to start children on a lifelong storytelling adventure.